About me

Kapil Lohia

Hello I’m Kapil:

I am a technologist by experience and now learning to be a school administrator. While my career has been focused on Enterprise Software, I have had a diverse set of responsibilities ranging from software development to various other hands-on technical roles, sales & customer success, product management, and strategy.  From a leadership perspective,  I have built and managed small teams as well as large, globally dispersed teams.

My passion is modern servant leadership and especially leadership in situations of crisis or stress. In my career, I have had the opportunity to build strong teams and healthy relationships, both internally across corporate silos and externally with customers & partners. I have also been put into uncharted or crisis situations and asked to “fix” some of the most complex and challenging problems and turn them into successes. Modern servant leadership was key to my success. 

I was born in India, grew up in Canada, and have been living in New York for the last 19 years. Currently, I am going back and forth between the USA and India. I am blessed with a loving family and great friends who are the source of my strength and inspiration.


Are you interested in talking about modern servant leadership, technology, or running schools in India? Please contact me below, and I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you!

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