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About my efforts with the Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir (School)

Transforming The School To Online — In 3 Days

TRANSFORMING THE SCHOOL TO ONLINE — IN 3 DAYS As mentioned in my last article describing the impact of COVID-19 on the school, Rajendra Lohia Vidya Mandir (RLVM) remains closed during the India-wide COVID-19...

Teachers With Protective Masks (Coronavirus)

COVID-19 Impact On The School

COVID-19 IMPACT ON THE SCHOOL After my first article about the school, my plan was to write a series of articles on more specific items related to the school, the progress we are (hopefully)...

Children's Day at RLVM

Intro To The School

INTRO TO THE SCHOOL Life is full of unexpected turns and 2019 was certainly an unexpected year for me! Just over a year ago on January 25th, 2019, I parted from CA Technologies —...